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Product Detail

S836/42 inch active subwoofer


Driver (inch)                                                            LF:2x8",HF:2x1"                         1x18"

DC-Impedance                                                       3.2 Ohm                                      3.2 Ohm

Freq.response (HZ/-6db)                                        80-22k                                        35-400

Power Consumption (W)                                        450                                              400

Peak power (W)                                                     1800                                            1600

Sensitivity (db/m.w)                                               100                                               99

Maximum SPL (db)                                                133-145                                       131

Cover distance of performance (m)                        40                                                 --

Cover distance of conference (m)                          80                                                --

Coverage (H°xV°)                                                110x15                                         --

Size (cm)                                                                62x24x30                                    56x42x60     

N.W.(kg)                                                                 18/14(Nd)                                    28/20(Nd)

Dual 8" inch - L816

Sub 15 inch - S818

Key Features

Line array

* The SPL of 2 groups array with 8 speakers is 121dB at 100m distance.

* L816 is extremely light weight only 18Kg.The weight will reduce to 14kg when using NdFeB driver.

* Fexible installation accessories make the system moresecure, but needs specialized tools.

* 100 degree horizontal coverage to reach wider sound field and audience area.

* 15 degree vertical wave guide to reduce the unneces-sary sound reflex.


* Ground stackable and may combinewith full range line array. Even hoisting separately as a subwoofer array. Reverse     hoisting is alsopossible to make a cardioid subwoofer array to reduce the LF spread to the rear side of the array.

* The design of DARE subwoofer ensures the enough volume of the speaker cabinet. Optimizedarchitecture and appearance.   Ultra low sound energy loss. Light weight and easy to install.

* DARE active subwoofers considered fully how it works with full range speakers. Very conve-nient for constitute different     kinds of system configuration.

Dimensional drawings